Language Credit via Distance Education (DEIL)

Through Distance Education (DEIL), we offer non-NMSU students the opportunity to enroll at an approved language institute and earn NMSU graded credit, as a non-degree seeking student. You will receive instruction from the approved language institute abroad, and complete online assignments and exams via CANVAS, NMSUโ€™s online learning management platform, to earn NMSU graded credit for the courses you are enrolled in.

All applicants must be 18 years old at the time of travel, and have earned a high school diploma or its equivalent to be admitted as a non-degree student at NMSU. No retroactive credit will be awarded for programs completed at one of the approved institutes prior to submitting a DEIL application.

The deadlines to submit your completed Distance Education (DEIL) Application and transcript, are as follows:

  • Winter Break & Spring
    October 15
  • Summer & Fall
    April 15 (Fall 2020 has been extended to August 1, 2020)

Approved programs abroad are available at the following language institutes:

The student is responsible for applying to the program of their choice directly and pay all program fees to the provider. NMSU processing fee, tuition, and International Health Insurance (if applicable) will be billed to the NMSU student account and must be paid in full in order to receive an NMSU transcript.

NMSU graded credit is offered for the following Spanish language courses: