Supporting Your Student

Students will be responsible for their academics, well-being, and personal safety while they are abroad. Those who invest personal effort in the entire process will receive the most benefit, which is why Education Abroad encourages students to assume responsibility for the experience they are about to have. This includes checking email daily for important instructions and announcements, completing paperwork on time, attending mandatory orientation sessions, seeking out information when they have a question, and other important tasks prior to departure. We are here to guide and assist each student during one-on-one advising, pre-departure orientations, and our continued support while they are abroad. These are a few ways you can help your student prepare for this experience:
  • Asking them to share with you the information they receive from Education Abroad and their program provider/host institution
  • Helping them to stay on top of pending deadlines and due dates for materials
  • Encouraging them to self-advocate if they need assistance prior to departure or on-site, and ask questions and communicate throughout the process
  • Discussing the financial costs of the program when your student starts their application process
  • Discussing and setting expectations for budgeting personal travel and spending money while they are abroad