Emergencies Abroad

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In case of an emergency abroad, call in order:

  • Local emergency service (NOTE: 911 is not a universal emergency number). The U.S. Department of State provides a list of Emergency โ€˜911โ€™ numbers abroad.
  • Onsite program staff: Director or On-Call Number
  • NMSU Police Department 24-hours Emergency Dispatch: (+1) 575-646-3311
  • NMSU Education Abroad: (+1) 575-646-5107

In an emergency, it is imperative that you first contact local, on-the-ground support in order to receive the urgent assistance needed. Then, notify NMSU through the 24/7 Security number. NMSU Education Abroad is only open during business hours (8:00 am โ€“ 5:00 pm MST). Finally, contact your family to update them and ensure they know how to reach you.

Medical Emergencies

Go immediately to the nearest physician or hospital, and when able, contact NMSU’s international health insurance provide GeoBlue.

Call the GeoBlue Global Health and Safety Team at +1.610.254.8771. GeoBlue maintains a 24/7 call center to assist you with everything from routine requests to complex medical situations. They will coordinate emergency services with a worldwide network of Regional Physician Advisors and take the appropriate action to assist and monitor your medical care until the situation is resolved.

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