Just as there are not one-size-fits-all education abroad programs, there is also not just one scholarship for everyone to apply.ย  As with any scholarship, education abroad scholarships will have their own individual requirements and deadlines.ย  The list provided below is far from exhaustive and is just a small sampling of all that is available for students.ย  Use this page as a starting point as you start the process of applying for education abroad scholarships, but do your own research, as well.

NMSU Scholarships

  • NMSU Scholar Dollar$ – Scholar Dollar$ is the singular application used by students and staff at New Mexico State University for processing, awarding, and applying for scholarships. To apply for the Education Abroad Scholarships listed below, students must complete the NMSU Scholar Dollar$ online application by the stated deadline.
  • Private Scholarship Opportunities – New Mexico State University students often qualify for private or external scholarships based on various criteria, including need, academic performance, interests, and background. Please keep in mind, these awards are developed and funded by public and private organizations, and not the university.

Education Abroad Scholarships

Education Abroad Scholarships
Education Abroad Scholarship for Exchange, Direct & International Student Teaching Programs VariesOpen to all NMSU students who complete all Education Abroad requirements. November 15th for Spring Programs
April 15th for Fall/Academic Year Programs
Education Abroad Scholarship for Summer Programs VariesOpen to all NMSU students who complete all Education Abroad requirements. April 15th
Education Abroad Colin Williamson Scholarship for Fall Programs
VariesOpen to all NMSU students who complete all Education Abroad requirements. April 15th

ISEP Scholarships

ISEP Scholarships
ISEP Annette Kade$500 - $1,500Planning to study in French or German in France, Austria, Germany, Reunion Island or Switzerland.Check with ISEP
ISEP Community Scholarship$500Financial need, also those statistically underrepresented in study abroad.Check with ISEP
ISEP Founders Fellowship$2,500Financial need and willing to create a project around passion for learning languagesCheck with ISEP
Other ISEP ScholarshipsVariesVariesCheck with ISEP

National Scholarships

National Scholarships
Benjamin A. Gilman International ScholarshipUp to $5,000United States citizens receiving a Pell Grants, undergraduate, must be abroad at least three weeks.1st Tuesday in October, 1st Tuesday in March
Boren Awards for International StudyVariesSee Dr. Timothy Ketelaar (
Critical Language ScholarshipFully Funded Summer ProgramUnited States citizens interested in intensive study of languages deemed of a โ€œcritical needโ€ to the US government. Open to all levels of higher education.November
Freeman-ASIAUp to $5,000United States citizens receiving a Pell Grants, undergraduate, attending a program in East or South East AsiaApril
Fullbright US Graduate Student AwardsVariesUS Citizen, Graduate StudentCheck with program
Fund for Education AbroadVariesUnited States citizens, undergraduate, must be abroad at least four weeks.Check with program
Gilman-McCain ScholarshipUp to $5,000Undergraduate, dependents of Active Duty service members receiving any Federal Financial Aid1st Tuesday in October, 1st Tuesday in March

Country Specific Scholarships

Country Specific Scholarships
Name & CountryAmountEligibilityDeadline
Study in Australia (Australia)VariesCheck with programCheck with program
Chinese Government Scholarships (China)External SourcesCheck with programCheck with program
DAAD (Germany)650โ‚ฌ(Euro) monthly stipendCheck with programCheck with program
Association of Teachers of Japanese: Bridging Scholarships (Japan)$2,500/
academic year
Check with programCheck with program
Education UK (United Kingdom)VariesCheck with programCheck with program
British Marshall (United Kingdom)VariesCheck with programCheck with program

Direct Providers

For those of you considering programs with one of NMSUโ€™s affiliate Provider Programs, please see their individual websites for scholarships, funding options, and payment plans.

Other Funding Sources

In addition to scholarships listed above, there are search engines, specifically designed to help students find funding for education abroad.ย  While a bit unconventional, crowdfunding has also become an option, though with mixed results.

Search Engines

Crowdfunding Sources