Virtual Fair Guide for Students

Attending a virtual career fair is easy, but does require a little bit of preparation on your part. Below you will find screenshots and links to various Handshake support articles that detail each part of the process. Here is a quick overview of the necessary steps:
  1. Find virtual Career Fairs to attend
  2. Register for the event (NOTE: your Handshake profile MUST be visible to at least Employers to participate in a virtual fair)
  3. Review the employers attending the fair and sign-up for 1:1 or group sessions
  4. Prepare for the fair: dress appropriately as the sessions include video; make sure your resume is updated and current in Handshake; make sure your profile is updated and current in Handshake
  5. During the fair: be aware of the time and be ready for your sessions (no shows are recorded in the fair history)

Finding Virtual Career Fairs

From within Handshake, it's easy to find virtual career fairs to attend. Simply click on Events at the top of the page, then filter on "Career Fairs" and you should see all of NMSUs upcoming (and possibly other schools that have extended an invitation to NMSU students) fairs. Here's a screenshot that shows what this typically looks like:

Registering for the Event

Click on the event you are interested in attending. From this page, you can review all the employers that are attending the fair and click to see their company profiles for more information. You can register for the fair from this page as well by clicking the Register button: Remember, your profile MUST be public to at least Employers to participate in a virtual fair. Here's a support article on how to change your profile privacy settings:

Signing up for Sessions (1:1 or group)

While the process of signing up for sessions may seem daunting at first, the process is fairly straightforward. Here's a comprehensive guide: 

Prepare for the Fair

Here are ten tips to help you prepare for the fair:

Get your resume reviewed by signing up for a Resume Review appointment in Handshake:

Virtual Fair Guide

Hopefully, the above screenshots and links have helped you feel more prepared for the virtual fair experience in Handshake. Here is a guide from Handshake on the whole process. It covers all of the previous sections and MORE. Don't skip this one!